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About Us



I'm Paul. Prior to co-founding Camp Media, my time in the workforce was spent in high-level sales and management.

My past work experiences were instrumental in laying the foundation for my sales and leadership expertise. After hitting a career wall and experiencing burnout, I did what we’ve all been told is the only way to be successful- attend college.

After six years at university, I obtained my MBA, and landed a job with a great company. I thought that I was finally doing it big, I had landed my dream job and started my dream career.

However, that mindset was short-lived. I began to realize that having a stable 9 to 5 was not enough and that I still had the bandwith to do more.

Serving others is my passion- I have never been money-driven. Through my agency, I seek to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike, ignite or reignite passion and purpose for their brand.

I bring a plethora of knowledge, experience and positive energy that I utilize when building relationships with our clients and their brands.

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My name is Claire, I started dabbling in graphic design and product marketing in 2012. Back then, all of the social media platforms worked differently. 

That was the year Facebook bought Instagram & went public, Pinterest rose above Yahoo and sharing experiences through photos was still a new phenomenon.

Since then I have worked in product development and making small brands, big players in their space.

I love nothing more than watching a brand grow, for me, it has become something of an addiction. Watching the  fruit of your labor turn into exactly what you had envisioned... and better.

My co-founder, Paul, has been instrumental in our operation- with a Master's degree that looks good on paper & real world experience that supports each of our clients more than anyone had hoped.

I feel grateful to call him my friend and biz partner.

Together we bring a blend of field expertise, platform knowledge and relationships that have allowed us to grow not only our company but the companies of our clients.

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